"Good Chinese poetry" light and shadow blooms poetry.

Release time: 2018-11-10
Hebei's good Chinese Poetry
As a self-developed one of China's cultural quarterly programmes. The purpose of the program is to carry forward the traditional Chinese poetry culture, with the goal of teaching and entertainment, integrates knowledge and entertainment, and through the media, it is a popular and social brand program.
As the forerunner of the national poetry culture program, Hebei Satellite TV's "Chinese Good Poetry" University Season "Qia Tong Tong Juvenile" is also a pioneer and a fashion guide, and talented people and beautiful poetry gather in the ancient city. In the finals, 720 450W shaking head LED beams (Ares-B5) and 72 1200W shaking head LED dyeing lights (EOS-B19) are used to bring you a beautiful light and shadow experience.
Special thanks to Professor Yang Hao, General Lighting Design of Qianyuan Tailai (Beijing) International Cultural Media Co., Ltd. for his affirmation and strong support.

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